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But I have really enjoyed my experience on here and have met and made some wonderful friends along the way.

It has helped me make a few friends from the complete other side of the world, something which I never thought I would have been able to do!

If I ever get the time and am able to get back into Penpalling I will most certainly return here. But the past years, we came to know each other and told each other our problems and strugles, but also the great things about life.

I just wanted to thank you guys and the maker of this site. We've both changed a lot, but we're still great friends.

a huge big up for you mate, you just inspired me in a unique way. I just want to thank you for an amazing service while I was on here.

you just proved to me that a human being can do wonders even if he's alone. Hello, I'm Katie from England and I used Penpal world for a year but had to delete it due to school and homework getting quite heavy.

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