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Kris Kristofferson, the an aspiring songwriter working as a janitor at the studio, recalls that police had been stationed outside the building to keep out unwanted intruders.

Asked if he got to meet the star, he told an interviewer, emphatically, he did not: “I wouldn’t have Wait a minute.

First stop the ‘pedia of everything, and under Music I see first confirmation (or is it just echo-ation) of the janitor story. Rolling Stone does have an archive of its news items, you can even scroll it back to 1969 — man the Stone was early on the web!

And then the line: One sentence for what must be a full blown story. Retrieved 2009-05-23.” But sadly, the link is 404 Heeding the advice, I searched and came up dry The missing article was published April 7, 2009, at PM but there seems to be a Watergate-like missing gap on the archive Then again, looking at the Wayback Machine’s listing of news stories of April 9, 2009, there were a lot more news stories on the original site that are in their archive, it looks like they saved the top 7 from this date (comparing to current archive).

The six episode series (five of which have been streamed so far) was originally developed for NBC, who made a massive mistake by not picking it up, especially with their extremely weak prime time schedule.

The Canadian actors portraying the kids are: Quintin Colantoni, Keana Bastidas, Sarah Cranmer, Daniel Lupetina, Alex Cardillo, and Shemar Charles.

An un-seen documentarian (voiced by producer Paul Gross) records the students’ interactions and behavior during recess.

Let’s see if any pop up in a future hit series or blockbuster film.I enjoy sitting back and seeing how one small comment, remark, phrase sends by down a google lined wormhole of information (or pseudo-information).It’s not even from one link to another, it branches so much I cannot even try to diagram it.Since there are only six total, it is a short investment as each episode is around 28 minutes. There is no laugh track and is presented in the same style and format as on the playground” feel, maybe they can work some of that cast in at some point, just don’t let Joe Pesci start dropping the F-bombs!After these six episodes stream, I hope that the production company considers moving forward and producing additional episodes.

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