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When not attending school you can do other things like seeing movies, hanging out at the arcade or even getting a part-time job, which all increase your Academic, Charm and Courage stats so you can improve your Social Links further.The "Dark Hour" section is a dungeon-crawling RPG with random-generated dungeons and a turn-based battle system.I am strongly omnivorous and have nothing against the farming industry, but can't personally eat anything I've named, pet, or cuddled. While you will inevitably see some of my personality and my beliefs make their way into my writing, please don't assign me a political agenda because of the thoughts and/or beliefs of my characters.I do not EVER make political statements in my writing, as a rule.

It would poison an art about which I am very passionate.Having said all of this, I love feedback on my writing and am generally happy to exchange dialog with my readers, but don't tell me what I think and who I am based on what you've read in my work because that is guaranteed to piss me off. They tend to be good ideas that I've had, but just haven't had the inspiration or the energy to flush out into full stories. I ask only that you inform me if you post a story based off one of mine so that I can direct readers to it and so that I can read it myself. They're all well written (though some a bit more than others), and I enjoyed them all for one reason or another.Oh, and a short note in the first chapter listing my story as your inspiration would be appreciated. For those of you hoping and praying for updates on my WIPs, I sincerely apologize. Severus Snape's loyalty has always been to Harry, not to Dumbledore or the Order.You are a New Transfer Student moving to Tatsumi Port Island to attend Gekkoukan High School.Soon after settling into your new dormitory, you are discovered to have "the potential": the ability to remain as a human within the Dark Hour, and to fight the Shadows with a mysterious inner-power called "Persona".

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