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Went to the domain name seller and got the which once I put it up resulted in an amazing response from people who were of the same mind.Over the years I also heard from many people who were directly involved in the production of the series and they all had wonderful things to say about what great experience it was to have worked on the show.

I just find them quite funny and I like the special effects. I think the scariest sort of films are the ones that are very tense, like Hitchcock films. It's a film where people just wake up one morning and there are zombies everywhere. And the survivors end up in a shopping mall in a shopping centre and they are surrounded by zombies. There is a British comedy horror film called 'Shaun Of The Dead' which is a bit of a joke on the idea of the 'Dawn Of The Dead' which is also really great.Long story short, I found it in various incarnations on VHS tapes.Watching them 30 years out was an amazing time trip.I remember vividly my first contact with “Then Came Bronson” on NBC-TV in the fall of 1969 when America was in a strange and dangerous state.I was 22 years old, and waiting for that letter from the draft board which would announce “Greetings” from the selective folks which would mean a quick ticket to Asia to shoot people I didn’t know.

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After my twelfth relationship in as many weeks fell apart, I realized what the problem was: millennials.

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