Dating a girl with genital herpes

I entertained the thought of putting an end to my rebellious actions, but I didn’t have any intent on truly changing.

Well about a week went by after my second sexual encounter with my friend and I noticed something weird happening to my body.

At first I just ignored it thinking that I could just be a common yeast infection, but then it started getting worse.

Although she claims that my risk was minimum according to her doctor, I still felt I had the right to know beforehand.

Hi Midwesternmale, I know you posted this a long time ago, and you received excellent information from a community member, but I thought you might be interested in reading up on the topic.

So below I’m going to post some fordyce spots pictures for men and also give you some guidelines for how fordyce spots behave.

Fordyce spots typically form in a pattern similar to the photo above – along the underside and side of the penis.

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